For the KFC

I don’t have the answers today. I can’t tell you if Sunbury’s crime rates are higher than other communities or if its streets are more dangerous, but a quick perusal through police reports from area departments will show you that gang infiltration, drug abuse and associated crime is not a Sunbury problem it is a regional problem. As a resident, shopper and diner of downtown Sunbury, I can agree that Sunbury does have its challenges, but I am confident that our elected officials and police department are focusing their resources on making the city a safe and desirable place to live and do business..

Everyone was both right and wrong. Wrong because both actor and filmmaker had, indeed, worked on a commercial that essentially communicated Coke’s new pricing strategy. Right because the commercial is every bit ‚thematic’ in its treatment, with plot, storyline and crackling dialogues to boot.

Believe it. Step right up to the Midway Mens Club, a fairgrounds fixture since 1963 and home to some genuine food and drink deals, including $1 sodas and $3 beers. But the real standouts are those two buck burgers (toss in a quarter and they’ll add a gooey slice of American cheese).

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THE STATUE OF LIBERTY: It pretty much the money shot in Cloverfield when Lady Liberty head rolls down the street. And cheap nfl jerseys finding her half buried in the sand sent Charlton Heston over the edge in Planet of the Apes. She also bought it in The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, Deep Impact and Armageddon.

Intro: „It may not sound like much: A video blogger bought a toy helicopter. But the blogger is 25 year old Tim Pool an internationally known journalist who attracts tens of thousands of viewers to his live stream broadcasts from Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, DC, LA and other cities. He and his partners hope that the toy chopper the $300 Parrot AR Drone will be one step toward a citizen driven alternative to mainstream news.”.